J Mark Pullen
الدكتور جون مارك بولن
الدكتور جون مارك بولن
مدير مركز التميز في القيادة والسيطرة والاتصالات والحاسب والاستخبارات (C4I), جامعة جورج مايسون

Dr. Pullen is Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Center of Excellence in Command, Control, Communications, Computing, and Intelligence (C4I). He has been with GMU since 1992.

Previously he was a Program Manager at DARPA and an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at the US Military Academy West Point, NY.

Dr. Pullen’s research interests include networked multimedia applications, emphasizing command and control, networked education and training, distributed virtual simulation, and interoperation of command and control with simulations.

Dr. Pullen is a Fellow of the IEEE, Fellow of the ACM, and licensed Professional Engineer.

He received the IEEE Harry Diamond Memorial Award for “For designing and developing a worldwide network supporting distributed simulation and command control technology for the Department of Defense” and the Defense Superior Service Award on retirement from the Army, and a leader in the team that received the NATO Scientific Achievement Award for 2013.

He is the author of over 150 publications, including the book Understanding Internet Protocols (Wiley, 2000), and developer of two open source software packages, the Java Network Workbench 2 and Moodle Integrated Internet Synchronous Teaching/Conferencing (MIST/C).

He holds a Ph D in Computer Science from George Washington University. He also has a Masters and a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from West Virginia University.