Riyadh to host 2nd International Conference on Command and Control Solutions 17-19 October 2017; 27-29 Muharram 1439 Hij.

Under the patronage of HRH Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense, Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, King Saud University, in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense, is organizing the 2nd international Conference on Command and Control Solutions, from 17 to 19 October 2017 corresponding to 27 - 29 Muharram 1439, at the university headquarters in Riyadh.

The chairman of the conference's organizing committee, Dr. Abdullah bin Sharaf Al-Ghamdi, announced that the conference will be held under the theme of "coalition against terrorism", for the importance of this issue at the present time, and the pivotal role played by Saudi Arabia in confronting terrorism and extremism in the region and the world. "Command and control systems are now the vital nerve of the armed forces in confronting terrorism, both through field operations and technical confrontation through cyberspace" he said.

The conference's panels and working papers by international experts will discuss the importance of strengthening international alliances, achieving integration in the armed forces' command and control systems and providing them with proactive capabilities to monitor and respond to terrorist operations in its various shapes and locations.

Dr. Al-Ghamdi added: "The conference will focus on transferring technology knowledge and the localization of specialized expertise in command and control systems as one of its main themes, in line with the Saudi 2030 vision. The conference will also target major industrial and financial sectors, which are also vulnerable to terrorist assaults through hacking attacks on their information systems which poses a direct threat to the highest interests of the countries. This is in addition to strengthening the partnership between the various relevant sectors, especially security and defense, with research centers specialized in command and control systems, aiming to move towards a new and more secure generation ofcybersecurity, communication, command and control systems.

The International Conference on Command and Control Solutions is one of the joint initiatives between the Saudi Ministry of Defense and King Saud University, where the University provides research, events and innovative product development in support of the ministry's move towards a new phase of developing further its advanced command and control systems.