Mike Papay
Dr. Mike Papay
Dr. Mike Papay
Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Northrop Grumman

Michael Papay is vice president and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for Northrop Grumman, delivering the company’s international information security program. In this role, he is responsible for strategy and vision for the company’s global computer and network information security systems; defining companywide policies for information security; and enhancing the security of Northrop Grumman’s products, services and infrastructure.

Dr. Papay has 29 years of experience with Northrop Grumman developing engineering solutions for the US Department of Defense and intelligence community, including intercontinental ballistic missiles; missile defense systems; command and control systems; networking solutions; satellite and ground systems; airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance platforms; modeling and simulation programs; military training tools; and cybersecurity solutions.

Dr. Papay is an internationally recognized expert in the modeling and simulation (M&S) field. He has written numerous papers, managed large programs, developed coursework and contributed to the congressional M&S caucus. He served on the 2012 US Homeland Security Advisory Council’s (HSAC) Task Force on Cyber Skills and he currently serves on cyber and engineering advisory boards for several universities.

Dr. Papay has a bachelor’s degree and a doctorate in aerospace engineering from Virginia Tech.