Suhaimee Abu Hassan
Mr. Suhaimee Abu Hassan
Mr. Suhaimee Abu Hassan
CEO and Founder, XYBASE

Suhaimee Abu Hassan is the CEO and Founder of XYBASE Inc. He started his career in IBM, 33 years ago, specializing in Application Sourcing and Development. After 9 years in IBM, he spent the next 2 years focusing on Military applications, Integration and promoting the concept of C4i in Malaysia.

In 1992, XYBASE was established, to mainly focus on Large Scale Integration, specializing in e-Government. However, in 1995, XYBASE became the largest Systems contractor for the development of KL International Airport.

Since then, XYBASE have been a very active player in the Airport scene and now leading in the development of the Next Generation Systems and Airport Command (Operations, Digital Security and Physical Security) Centers.

This involves an even broader base Integration for Data and Video Analytics, which is crucial in not just Operational and Commercial efficiencies but to also work in conjunction with all Security Agencies and Bodies to develop a more pre-emptive threat assessment and analysis for very crucial facilities such as the Airport.

XYBASE is also involved in certain Security and Surveillance technology and applications for the Military, Police and Intelligence community.