Franck Mitchell
Mr. Franck Mitchell
Mr. Franck Mitchell
Corporate Dir. Cloud Computing & Data Strategy, International Programs Chief Scientist, Leidos

Mr. Mitchell is the Leidos Corporate, Director of Cloud Computing and Data Strategy.  He is an experienced, energetic and action oriented executive with national and international expertise in advanced and next generation technologies including C4ISR&T, cloud computing and big data analytics, mobile and sensor technologies. His roles in Leidos include solution and product development and integration engineering and management of advanced and next generation technology capabilities.

Prior to joining Leidos, Mr. Mitchell was an entrepreneur working with both the commercial and defense industry leaders providing technical, development, operational and engineering support, Integrated C4ISR and joint time-sensitive/critical targeting solutions, next generation targeting system architecture, including Weapons Target Pairing (WTP) and Tactical Effects Based Operations (EBO) capabilities.  He also served as Technical Director for Combating Terrorism within the Department of Defense and cross-agency collaboration to include International, Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement.

Mr. Mitchell had leadership positions in Boeing, Northrop Grumman and General Dynamics.  During his tenure, he was a recognized expert for Operational, Systems and Technical Advanced C4ISR&T, Intelligence Operations and Tactical Intelligence architectures, requirements definition, interpretation and development, product and application development.

Prior to entering the industry, Mr. Mitchell served in the United States Navy for 15 years, and is a Decorated, Service-Connected Combat Veteran with land, sea and air assignment deployments across the globe to include frontline and special assignments, in support of Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Somalia, Desert Shield and Desert Storm and elsewhere to include several Joint, Multinational and Coalition Force assignments.

Mr. Mitchell received his Bachelors of Science Degree from the University of San Diego in Mathematics.