Stijn Rommens
Mr. Stijn Rommens
Mr. Stijn Rommens
Director, EMEA Systems Engineering, Cloud Security, Elastica

With over 15 years of experience in network security industries, Stijn today leads the EMEA Systems Engineering team at Elastica.

Throughout his career, customer satisfaction and partner collaboration have been key focal points, resulting in a solution enablement attitude.

Stijn grew his communication skills to become engaged in both technical discussions as well as business-focused conversations.

Before joining Elastica, Stijn held various customer-facing roles at successful network security companies like ISS, Juniper Networks and Palo Alto Networks.

His focus always has been on becoming a trusted advisor, technology expert and team leader to finally run a larger team in Europe enhancing business processes and optimizing the framework in which an SE can work have been important areas of attention for him.

Last but not least, Stijn always has paid lots of attention to a clear and meaningful message, taking the total picture into account, both in front of a small group or a big audience.